Biodegradable Tableware

Life by Corn is a UK based company,
manufacturer of corn-starch based bioplastics
to form a variety  of biodegradable tableware.


-20°C to 120°C (degree Celsius )


Compostable tableware
Our product is compostable with food
And produce no waste.
No waste means less problem for our planet!

Suitable for hot and cold!

Our tableware is suitable for both hot and cold foods. Enjoy your food and drinks Enjoy less waste.

Biodegradable Plastic

Biodegradable Plastic
Consumer Products produce 68%
less greenhouse gasses than
petroleum-based plastic products

Welcome to Life by Corn!

Life by Corn is a Brithish company manufacturing disposable, plant dishes.
In addition to the prevention of the air and water pollution, Life by Corn reduces the use of oil related products. Read more …


Life by corn’s biodegradable tableware is compostable to return to the earth and grow more plants. Our products use corn starch to made bioplastics engineered to break down more quickly.

Environmental Friendly

Our bioplastic products, made from cornstarch, are environmentally friendly which recycled quickly and return to the earth. We encourage households and companies to adopt eco-friendly habits.

Made of natural raw materials

Life by corn’s products is made from natural raw materials, cornstarch. It is processed and engineered to form a bioplastic. Due to that, our products are biodegradable, compstable and eco-friendly.

Contact us:

Address: Flat 1 No 5, Helena Road, London, United Kingdom, W5 2RA
Phone: +44 20 8357 1187