Ocean Plastics
Have you ever seen the good Pacific Garbage Patch?? this can be a region of ocean larger than the scale of Espana that is swimming with non-biodegradable plastic waste. Birds, fish, turtles and different marine life are dying as a result of they either eat or get snarled within the plastic.

In August 2016, Plymouth University reported that plastic was found during a third of UK-caught fish. it’s additionally been calculated by scientists at Ghent University in Belgique that shellfish lovers eat up to eleven,000 plastic fragments annually. while but a hundred forty-five of those fragments are absorbed by the figure, they are doing and can accumulate over time. Reports estimate that by 2050, the degree of plastics accumulated in our oceans is going to be larger than that of fish.

All of our disposable food tableware is either utile, perishable or compostable which suggests it does not should find yourself in the landfill.

By amusive waste far away from landfill, it will enter the assembly cycle to be used once more and once more. If our perishable materials, like the bio-plastics accustomed manufacture our plastic cups, were to enter the ocean they might merely break down.

Renewable Resources
A lot of typical packaging is created from crude oil and a few estimates calculate that the planet has simply over fifty years of oil left – what then?

Most of the materials accustomed create our eco-friendly packaging like paper, wood and plant starch are made up of renewable resources that, if managed sustainably, won’t run out. try a number of our material life cycles here.

By exploitation a lot of property packaging you’re serving to avoid the depletion of natural resources so as to take care of AN ecological balance.

Global Warming is real
Whether we have a tendency to prefer it or not, warming and temperature change are real and are happening immediately. they’re caused by a rise in greenhouse emission levels within the atmosphere and this can be why we have a tendency to are urged to cut back our individual carbon footprints.

From driving cars to charging mobile phones and even drinking from a cup there’s carbon unharness related to numerous things that kind part of our daily lives. exploitation clean and renewable energy may be a good way to cut back carbon emissions and also the clever guys at Natureworks, the corporation that produces the bio-plastic utilized in several of our product, use a major quantity of alternative energy to create this material.

This means that by exploitation one in every of our eco cups you may be reducing your carbon footprint compared with employing a typical cup made up of crude oil primarily based plastic.